Zero-Code Data Engineering

Power real-world use cases

Whether you're doing marketing attribution for your e-commerce site, or analysing the performance of your sales team, you can easily transform your data.


$ 99 /month
  • Unlimited users

  • Library of open source transformations

  • Run up to 3 transformations

  • Up to 2 schedule entries

Most popular

Small Business

$ 299 /month
  • Unlimited users

  • Library of open source transformations

  • Library of Alchemy transformations

  • Run up to 6 transformations

  • Up to 4 schedule entries


$ 999 /month
  • Unlimited Users

  • All our transformations

  • Run up to 10 transformations

  • Unlimited schedule entries

Everything you need

Transformation Platform

You can replace your data engineering team with with our simple pricing. Signup and get started in minutes, not weeks.

  • Fivetran Integration.
  • Hosted dbt repository.
  • Acesss to all our transformations.
  • Support for BigQuery, Redshift and Snowflake.
  • Enterprise level support via email and Slack.
  • Marketing attribution use cases.
  • Project management use cases.
  • Customer journey use cases.
  • Sales funnel analysis use cases.
  • Cost monitoring use cases.

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