Transform your data without an engineer

It's hard to convert your raw data into valuable insight. We make it easy to stitch your data sets together by clicking a button instead of hiring a data engineer.


Make Use of your data

Power real-world use cases at the touch of a button

Whether you're doing marketing attribution for your e-commerce site, or analysing the performance of your sales team, you can easily transform your data.

Data Warehouses

We support all the leading data warehouses including Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more.

Data Security

Your data never leaves your warehouse. All of the transformations are done in place so you can rest easy.

Data Freshness

You can pick when you want your transformations to occur whether it's once a day, or every 5 minutes.

Data Sources

We support hundreds of data sources as inputs to the transformations. Everything from Adwords to Netsuite.

Web UI

There is no coding involved. You can pick your transoformations using our web UI. If you can click install, you can be a data alchemist.

Real-World Use Cases

Our transformations are not only about cleaning/combining data. We support real-world use cases that will power your business.

I was able to setup all my transformations for marketing attribution by myself: I connected my Fivetran account to Data Driven Alchemy in a couple of clicks. Minutes later I had first-touch attribution getting written out in Snowflake!

Christian Rodriguez

CEO at

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